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What is Virtual VWBA

Let's get back to work!

Virtual VWBA is a program developed to meet players where they are virtually.  This program will allow players to not only retain their skills but also continue to improve. Regardless of circumstances, the best players find a way to continue working on their craft. Virtual VWBA provides players with a platform to access valuable basketball drills, receive structured assignments and be held accountable for effort.

•    Designed for all age groups.
•    Designed for all positions.
•    All sessions can be done by yourself.

Example drills:
•    Game situation moves
•    Ball handling
•    How to get open
•    Shooting 
•    Defensive strategies
•    Foot work


How does Virtual VWBA work?

  • View VWBA basketball sessions on any smartphone, tablet or computer with internet access. The VWBA App via Wix is the easiest way to view sessions and upload recordings.

  • Take device to an open court, or spacious outdoor/indoor space with concrete or hard flooring.

  • Sessions show exactly what to do - taking you through each drill, and each step.

  • At least 4 sessions will be posted per week. Choose the session for the day, and it leads you through the workout step-by-step.

  • View sessions as often as you’d like while your membership is active.

  • Players will upload a recording of their drills on the Virtual VWBA forum.

    • In the event weather conditions don’t permit players to complete their session, sessions should be combined to be completed on the next available day that weather permits.

  • Player videos will be reviewed and trainer feedback will be provided.

  • Player/trainer discussions will be held on the forum.

  • Additional cardio assignments will be posted.

What is needed to participate?

•    Registration

•    Payment 

•    Basketball 

•    Area to complete sessions

•    Smart Device

•    Wifi/Cellular Data

•    3 cones, chairs or trash cans to use as defensive space eaters

•    Hard Work & Dedication


  • 1 program option

    • Monthly program - Includes 4 weeks ​of virtual instruction - $65

  • The first virtual week starts on April 27, 2020

  • After registration, further details will be provided to the email documented at registration.

  • IMPORTANT: If starting on or after April 27, 2020 please email to get registered.

  • Navigate to Virtual VWBA Registration and complete the form. You will then be redirected to the Pricing and Plans Page to select the Virtual VWBA plan to complete your purchase.

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