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About VWBA

VWBA is committed to ensuring that all clients have the fundamental foundation to be successful in the game and in life. Basketball is played at all levels of speed and size. In order to compete with or exceed players that are more gifted in those areas, you must have confidence. One thing that pros and amateurs have in common is the desire for confidence. It is the number one quality that a player must possess in order to reach their full potential on the basketball court. Reaching a high level of confidence can be difficult because it can flucuate depending on your competitor. Many players fall short due to the fact that they don't train as though they are preparing for the highest level of competition. You should always prepare as if your opponent is faster, taller and more athletic than you are. This is the primary focus at VWBA. All clinics, camps and skill sessions are designed to create a competitive edge for the highest level of matter the opponent. Clients are taught that they are their biggest competition. Once you defeat your short comings and fears, you become victorious.​

- Victor Williams

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